A-1 Delivery Service Logistics is one of Canada's leading transportation and logistics companies, specializing in time sensitive, printed, material. Established in 1978, A-1 has progressed from a courier service to a full scale, shipping, warehousing, and logistics enterprise. Throughout the years, A-1's goal has remained the same; to provide our clients with the most reliable and best priced service possible.

Given today’s rapidly changing business environment, we understand that business has gone global and possess satellite warehouses all over the country. We have an extensive network of partner companies which allows us to pick up as well as deliver shipments all over North America.

With a large fleet of trucks and trailers, all of our vehicles are equipped with the latest GPS tracking devices. Our trucks and main hub, along with every product we handle are completely insured. Our distribution control center is located in Brampton, Ontario and accommodates over 150,000 square feet of logistics and warehousing facilities. Our customized racking and shelving system as well as multiple loading docks help maximize our efficiency, productivity, and ship times.

A-1 Delivery Service Logistics

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